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I met Torry Kotses in 2002 at a private practice and he became my Financial Adviser.  After being there for several years, he moved to a major bank as a Financial Adviser.  Being very satisfied dealing with Torry, I stayed with him and went to the major bank. 

He invested my money and he always choose good investments and usually I had more money in my capital after having received my monthly pension payments all through the year. 

He is always very interested in his work and gives very much of his time and interest to his clients. 

He has now started his own financial planning practice at Bellwether Wealth Strategists, and being always so satisfied with his care and results, I am now at Bellwether Wealth Strategists. 

I am very happy indeed with his care and results of his investment advice.  I class him as a friend, not just a professional adviser and feel free to contact him at any time on any matter. 

I would not hesitate to refer him to another client because of his caring, friendliness and continual results I have received.