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When the Hawke - Keating Federal Government introduced non-contributory superannuation it spawned a new industry which attracted some strange bedfellows mostly without the University qualifications necessary in finance, business or economics to guide one.


I was mapping out my future finances at this time but I could only use a pencil because the information I was receiving was contradictory.  After every presentation on investment I attended I was uneasy and it is always a bad sign when you think there should be something more. During these presentations I was asking myself what am I doing here, while listening to these unconvincing stories full of sound signifying nothing. Needless to say, I never gave these individuals a second chance to make a good first impression.


I learned that there was a very thin veil of civility separating me from the beasts who were working within the Superannuation investment industry at this time. A mousetrap always has free cheese.


The common thread in these early presentations was that they were mostly data based. These presenters did not understand that data is only information and this information may be knowledge, but knowledge is not wisdom which was what I was seeking. These presenters, I considered were damaging the industry in the mind of the consumer and did think that they would fill this market gap as advisors. However, it was the University trained professionals who would inherit this space eventually. This has come to pass since the Federal Government has now set up a new body to lift professional standards of financial advisers who now must have the relevant degree.


Along came the GFC and retirement and I asked myself a simple question, who can I trust, because I found it difficult to even get a return phone call from the various institutions managing my investment and retirement monies.


At this time I was fortunate to meet Torry Kotses a professional with the experience and University qualifications in finance necessary and after a refreshing and brief discussion I made an appointment. At this appointment and at my request Torry contacted these institutions and consolidated my investments.  This was a huge relief for me and gave me clarity and security which I urgently needed at this time because it was very stressful not having control.


Thereafter, Torry using a holistic approach supported by the most advanced financial tools, skilfully determined what type of investor I was and designed a plan which had the clarity and meaning for both me and my family.  I must add also, that Torry gave us sound and correct information about Centrelink entitlements further supporting our income which was most welcome.


This most successful plan is still in place after some 9 years and in this time the professional support I have received from Torry cannot be measured.